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 1. No need to register or pay a subscription.
 2. 1,000's of puzzles converted to or created by new software.
 3.  Audit of site to correct link problems.

Many types of puzzles for every chapter in the Bible - solve online, print puzzles and solutions, or download to publish.

Other puzzle types:
Bible Crossword Puzzle - Alpha, Purpose Driven Life, Christmas, Easter, Children's, Sodukos, Acrostics, Large Wordseach  (use menu at top of page) 

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How to use the site for Bible puzzles:

1. Mouse on Bible on menu at top of page.
2. Click drop-down menu - groups of books.
3. Mouse on book shows list of puzzle types.
4. Click puzzle type
5. Page shows puzzle for chapter type.
6. Click on puzzle type for list of chapters.

1. Print version of replaced puzzles are still available - see lists of links on book group pages.
2. Bible references are based on the New International Version - 1984


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